Book: Revitalizing the Soul of Higher Learning

Soul Of Higher Learning

Author: Zaini Ujang

Title: Revitalizing the Soul of Higher Learning


I foresee the academic community to be jolted and thus become aware that they should not drift with their own idealism, which limits their respective knowledge disciplines towards being excessively methodological, making it diffficult to be appreciated by the general stake holders.

Let us return to the proper understanding of a university as the repository of knowledge at the highest level and should therefore serve as place where the knowledge culture is cultivated. A university that recognizes its role in producing a good man based upon a sincere appreciation of knowledge ant its true worth.

New Academia is a more comprehensive vision of higher learning which currently requires the introduction of fresh ideals in order to remain relevant and competitive with other sectors. New Academia is the answer to the multi-faceted challenges confronting higher learning which is often accused to be too inward-looking, theoretical and all too often unrealistic!

‚ÄčIn addition to the total number and percentage of graduate students, we also need to focus on the total number and quality of Ph.D students. It is important to understand this because not all postgraduate students contribute to the development of knowledge and innovation at a higher level.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, the concept of Entrepreneurial Research University was further refined and internalised, either consciously or otherwise, by a majority of the UTM community in the area of teaching and learning, research and innovation, student development, as well as management of the university, finance and campus facilities.

The soul is the thrust of higher learning. As I often mention, a university is not equated with buildings, piles of books, physical infrastructure and the existence of a virtual system. Rather it is closely related to the support of its community which forms the knowledge culture of the university professors, lecturers, students, support staff of various levels.

Talk less, work more. Complain less, do more. Reduce secondary activities, increase high impact activities. And most importantly, follow the tradition of paddy, the heavier they fill, the lower they lay!

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