Dr. Aly Khorshid

Dr Aly Khorshid

Dr Aly Khorshid has been involved with Islamic financial institutions for over 2 decades; expert on Shariah compliant finance within the Islamic law, Waqf family “Trust”, inheritance, capital market products, Fund Structure for global investment, Project finance, Due diligence, alternative finance and Islamic contracts.

Dr Aly Khorshid Shari’ah board member in selected Islamic institutions, also served as wealth manager with several bank’s, have obtained his PhD on Islamic studies and Islamic economics from the University of Leeds (UK), studied Fiqh and Shariah at Al-Azhar University (Egypt), Master degree in managements (UK).

His Publications includes, Islamic Insurance “A modern Approach to Islamic Banking” 2004, the Encyclopaedia of Islamic finance 2008, Dictionary of Islamic Finance 2011, “A Tender Power” a Novel elucidating Islamic finance to a layman 2012, Corporate Governance in Islamic Banks 2013 and Towards Standardisation of Islamic Finance due in 2013. Joint author of several publications and many articles published on Islamic finance.

He is a trustee member of Academy UK, fellow at ICMA centre Henley business school University of Reading UK, former visiting lecturer at El-Azhar University ”Egypt”. He was nominated for King Fisal International prize 2006, runner-up for Mubarak Prize on Islamic studies 2010; A regular speaker on Islamic finance issues at conferences and TV. His current research interests are in developing Sukuk Waqf for development and education, and developing practical Islamic stock trading & Shari’ah compliant capital market tools comparable with the global market.

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