About Us

Why Oxford Knowledge Synergy?

  • We are an Oxford-based advisory team experienced in global partnership.
  • We combine best practice and visionary academic and financial excellence.
  • Out-sourcing the required knowledge and expertise to serve our clients
  • Competitive proposition based on the up-to-date management approach and academic trends
  • Hands on global financial instruments for project finance both conventional and Islamic  tools

Nature of Oxford Synergy

  • Oxford Knowledge Synergy is aimed at enhancing knowledge understanding, applications and advocacy at global, national and institutional levels.
  • We enhance knowledge partnerships between nations and professionals, research and delivery.
  • We invite professionals, academics, partners and sponsors to share our mission and narrow the gap between aspiration and reality.
  • We synergise partnership to allow knowledge exchanges at the highest level.
  • We provide ecosystem to allow innovation, creativity and development.
  • We provide face-to-face and online resources training for institutional development, research and policy enhancement.
  • We have vast experience in formulating solutions and innovative models in managing diverse knowledge ecosystem, developing human capital and providing practical solutions.
  • We provide practical solutions for fund rising and project finance for academia

Contact Details

7 Falcon Mead
Oxfordshire OX26 6XE
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1869 250841
Fax: +44 (0) 1869 250840
email: info @ nexusprotocol.com

Website: oxfordknows.nexusprotocol.com

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